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Opening Hours : Dispensing hours- Mon-Fri 6:30AM-12:30PM , Sat- 7AM-12PM , Clinic hours: 6:30am-2pm and Saturday 7am-12pm


Ican Community Services, Inc. (NFP) is a Non-For-Profit Company whose focus is to involve individuals in every stage of the treatment process. We work together with individuals to provide caring and structured treatments regime that will result in the best care to decrease and ultimately curb the abuse of alcohol and other drugs. Our person-centered focus approach is also directed towards other mental health problem in the lives of the individuals that we serve.


While at the same time not neglecting the needs of their families, we will strive to exceed the expectations of our clients that we service and their communities.

We are a faith based clinic and believe in self-will and family support to succeed.

To passionately assist our clients in resolving drugs and alcohol addiction;  by way of guiding patients in obtaining sobriety, and living productive lives in their communities.

Our staff members are caring and highly trained assistants that pride themselves on delivering the highest quality health-care service. They will work hard for you to assure individual attention.

The staff and specialists at Ican Community Services believe that providing more than one individual therapy session is the best way to help clients enrolled in our program.

By giving the client weekly therapy sessions the client is better equipped to deal with the underlying issues that desperately need to be addressed and dealt with.

By offering weekly individual therapy sessions, our counselors are able to truly identify the core problems and provide the client with the time needed to effectively handle and move pas the issues